BikeTote Cargo

Cargo bike conversion at a fraction of the cost

Carry all your stuff in style

Light-weight, tough, beautiful design

Our unique approach to carrying cargo is stylish, flexible & only weighs 2Kg - same as the Ortlieb Back Roller pannier! Be prepared to turn heads as you pass.

Pannier bags look rubbish, squash your stuff and get narrow towards the bottom. They have a short life because they quickly get scuffed and soon start to leak at the seams.

We have combined attractively shaped & finished marine plywood with high performance PVC to create an accessory you will be proud to show off & will always look great. They are the same width at top and bottom so you can properly load them with just about anything.

Top quality, universal Ortlieb QL1 hook fittings engage easily & securely with any rack. Lift the handle with one hand to automatically disengage. Avoid theft by locking them to your bike using your your choice of padlock. We really have thought of everything.

Protects your precious cargo

Holds everything in place without squashing your luggage or letting it get wet, due to its rigid wooden frame & seamless, tarpaulin-style cover that fastens down effortlessly and holds incredibly tightly due to Velcros excellent properties.

It has been thoroughly tested with a water jet & from all angles - you can be confident your cargo will remain dry whatever the weather. 

 Some possible luggage:  

  • Your lovely new calf-leather briefcase
  • That canvas backpack, full of overnight gear
  • The big 17" work laptop, in its case
  • A weeks worth of groceries in bags
  • Lovingly wrapped presents & parcels
  • Even your darling little pooch!

Capacity and safety

We thought carefully about how big your bags and cases might be and designed a product that's fit for your purpose. With internal dimensions of 24 X 40 X 19 cm and big capacity of 18 litres, we don't force you to compromise on space. Get a pair and take the kitchen sink with you!

You can transport a maximum of 8Kg in each box but check your bike rack's maximum and ensure you can still handle the bike OK.

BikeTote Cargo protects your body & bicycle from damage* if your front wheel looses grip with the road and you fall off sideways: The boxes are wide and rigid so they absorb the impact with the road. *Applies when mounted on the rear rack.

For added safety in the dark, we provide 2 distinctive circular reflectors: red and white.

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